Parts : Spring Season 2016.

How Sweet It Is
S1 Ash, Rebecca, Eve
S2 Linda, Jennifer, Valerie (Tricia)
A1 Helen, Carole, Charlotte (June)
A2 Iris, Julia

S1 Helen, Valerie, Charlotte
S2 Carole, Eve, Jennifer (Tricia)
A1 Rebecca, Tammy, Ash (June)
A2 Linda, Iris, Julia

Dancing In The Street
S1 Helen, Charlotte
S2 Jennifer, Iris
M Ash, Carole, Valerie
A1 Linda, Eve, (June), (Tricia)
A2 Rebecca,Tammy, Julia

I Feel Good
S1 Carole, Charlotte, Tammy
S2 Iris, Eve, Helen, (Tricia)
A1 Valerie, Ash, Jennifer (June)
A2 Linda, Julia, Rebecca

Li'l Red Riding Hood
S1 Helen, Valerie, Iris
S2 Carole, Ash, Tammy (June)
A1 Julia, Eve, Charlotte (Tricia)
A2 Linda, Rebecca, Jennifer

S1 Linda, Ash,
S2 Rebecca, Julia, (Tricia)
M Helen, Jennifer, Carole
A1 Valerie, Charlotte, Tammy,
A2 Eve, Iris, (June)

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
S1 Helen, Eve, Charlotte
S2 Carole, Valerie, Jennifer (Tricia)
A1 Julia Tammy, Ash (June)
A2 Linda, Iris, Rebecca

S1 Jennifer, Iris, Valerie,
S2 Rebecca, Helen, Ash (Tricia)
A1 Linda, Eve, Carole, (June)
A2 Julia, Tammy, Charlotte

Who is singing what part? Updated May 2, 2015

In general (but there will be many exceptions):

Charlotte Soprano 1
Valerie Soprano 1
Carol Soprano 2
Eve Soprano 2
Jennifer Alto 1
Callie Alto 1
June Alto 1
Tricia Alto 1
Ash Alto 1
Linda Alto 2
Emily Alto 2
Julia Alto 2

Iris, alto 2

Solos - updated May 2, 2015. Assignments made on the basis of a wide variety of factors, none of which is remotely connected to your value as a person

Song Primary Alternate
All I ask of you Eve GH
Happy Charlotte Jennifer
I could not ask for more Emily Charlotte
It's alright Callie Jennifer
Just the way you are (You're amazing Jennifer Erin
(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman Callie (vs. 1) - June (vs. 2) Both of them back up each other
Royals Heather Linda
Themes of 007 - Nobody does it better Erin Jennifer
Sway Jennifer Linda
Guantanamera Heather + Corina ad lib Both of them back up each other
La Bamba Corina Valerie
All about that bass Emily Callie
Nobody does it better Erin Jennifer
Creo en mi Heather There is no alternate
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