Christmas 2015 MOVES

Christmas baby please come home

standard formation but the soloist out in front
First bars of "ooo": no moves
Na na na na: bouncing knees, hands on thighs
Christmas: step right then left swaying to the music
Home: first home both hands out from hip height, second home waist height, 3rd home shoulder height, 4th home hands into chest on heart
Christmas: as above
Home: as above
Christmas: as above
Ooh baby please: hands back to chest on heart but act a little, looking at audience pleading
Christmas: as above
Baby please come home: hands out at shoulder height, bring back into hands on heart at the word home.

A Christmas Song

Jennifer (soloist) out front

Santa Baby

Sop 1s out front doing any cutesy moves to fit the song.

Rest of us in standard formation, turning a quarter turn to the left side, right hand on hip, feet stay still, wiggle hip to the right on 1 and 3 throughout.
On the final few bars "hurry santa" and "hurry up santa" we beckon with the right index finger
On the final word "tonight" we do a cutesy/girly pose (we can all do something individual)

All I want for Christmas

Clump(tightly packed clump).
Soloist emerges from the clump at the beginning of her solo words, and slowly walks to the front of stage. Soloist doesnt have to do the rest of the moves.
At the ba na la ba na la ba na la bit we do jazz hands just above our hip height and the clump spreads out a bit wider so we all have a bit more space (one arms breadth away from the next person)
Sway right then left during the verse
ba na la: jazz hands again as above but standing on the spot and moving chest in a slight semi circle from right to left
Sway right and left during the verse again
ba na la: as above
The bridge section letter C: sway right and left again
Continue swaying until the last few bars" All I want for christmas is yoooooooo" where we stop swaying, stand still and on "all i want for christmas" we do the "oy vay" hands up near our heads, then on "you" point with right hand to our baby in the audience (or any suitable person)

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Standard formation
During the verses, the sections with the lead vocals step forward when that verse is being sung eg V 1 =A 1's, V 2 = sop 2's, V3 = A2's . Make sure you step strongly and purposefully on the first word of your lead verse rather than wafting nervously forward. Then just ad lib your movements to the words, whatever you like eg straight shooting son of a gun make a gun with your hand etc etc
Step back into standard formation when your lead vocal finishes. The choruses are sung in standard formation. Generally don't stand completely still during the choruses, there are no formal steps but you should move your body gently in time with the music.

Up on the housetop

Standard formation.
As the song starts the first Up on the housetop the A2's step forward leading with right foot on the word 'up", the second the A1's on the second "up", the 3rd the S2's and the 4th the S1's so by the end of the 4 housetops (measure 4) we are all one pace further forward.
Measure 23 "down through the chimney" the S1 and 2's take a step backwards leading with right foot, and measure 24 the A1 and 2's take a step backwards also right foot leading on the word "down"
The A2's then step out to the front to sing the Jimmy Choo part, the rest stay in the formation singing doo doo's, A2's fall back into formation at the end of their solo during measure 37 (doo doo doot doot, oh)
The next down through the chimney measure 45 and 46 we step backwards one step as above, first the sops, then the altos. Then almost straight away we have the same 4 up on the housetops as the beginning so we each step forwards in sequence exactly as the beginning (A2, A1, S2, S1)
Final Marilyn Monroe style pose on the "please sa-an-ta" at the end, your individual cute pose.

Spring 2014




Julia (A2)                                                         Genevieve (S1)
   Heather (S2)                                              Emily (A2)
       Callie (A1)                                          Eve (S2)
           Charlotte (S1)                             June (A1)
                 Linda  (A2)                        Sophie  (A1)
                     Jennifer (A1)             Debbie (S2)
                           Carol (S2)      Lou (A2)
                                     Sonya (S1)

FORGET YOU  (move to position from standard formation while singing)
(soloists - none, but S2s & A1s have melody throughout)


           Heather   S2s    Eve     Callie     A1s     June 
                Carol     Debbie Jennifer  Sophie

Charlotte   S1s   Genevieve                         Emily   A2s    Julia 
               Sonya                                            Linda    Lou

DON'T YOU WANT ME (move to position from standard formation while singing)
(soloists - Eve & Lou)


Julia Callie Charlotte Lou Eve Carol Emily Genevieve
Jennifer Heather Linda Sonya Sophie June Debbie

GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (move to position PRIOR to singing beginning)
(soloists - none, but S1 has melody throughout)


Heather Eve Charlotte Sonya Genevieve Sophie Julia
June Emily Callie Linda Lou Jennifer Carol Debbie

YOU CAN'T STOP THE BEAT (move to position from standard formation while singing)
(soloists - Heather, Sonya, Jennifer, Genevieve)


Heather Callie Sonya Lou Jennifer Debbie Genevieve June
Julia Carol Linda Eve Charlotte Emily Sophie

Don't You Want Me
Starting from standard formation!

Bar 1 - 8: Crouched walking to your blocked position, Michael Jackson snaps on 2 & 4, bounce with the walking

Bar 9 - 12 (solo verse 1): Everyone straighten up and begin slow turning to the left, face still facing forward. It should take 16 counts to make a full circle. On count 9, flip your head to the left to keep it facing forward.
Bar 13 - 16 (solo verse 1): Repeat circle to left
Bar 17 - 24 (solo verse 1): Step 2 steps to the right, lead up with your right shoulder, step 2 steps to the left, lead up with your left shoulder (repeat 4 times)
(solo finishes)
Bar 25: "Don't" - Step out on right foot, lean right, hands open out to audience
Bar 26: "Don't you want me" - Hands in on chest (pleading)
Bar 27 - 28: "You know I can't believe you when you say that you don't need me" - slowly pull right leg in and dramatic gestures to audience
Bar 29: "Don't" - Step out on left foot, lean left, hands open out to audience
Bar 30: "Don't you want me" - Hands in on chest (pleading)
Bar 31 - 32: "You know I can't believe you when you say that you don't need me" - slowly pull left leg in and dramatic gestures to audience
Bar 33 - 35: Front line - take one slow step forward on first count of each bar (starting with right foot) - gestures to audience (others stay still)
Bar 36: "Both be sorry" - back row take 3 fast steps forward on the beat to match with front line
- front line, march in place 3 times
Bar 37 - 44: Individual gestures, very dramatic to audience, slowly moving backwards towards original position

Bar 45 - 76 (solo verse 2): Repeat same as above from Bar 9

Bar 77 - 80: Lean in & down, bouncing slightly on every beat

Bar 81 - 88: Individual gestures, very dramatic to audience, slowly moving backwards towards original position

Bar 89 - 90: Lean in & down, bouncing slightly on every beat — Last beat, stand straight up

-Forget You-

Group Positions - 4 groups across stage
Soprano 1s in group on left
Soprano 2s in group in middle left
Alto 1s in group in middle right
Alto 2s in group on right

Bar 1 - 5: Walk to group positions; Slap right hand on right thigh on 2 & 4

Bar 6 - 85: Lean in 2 counts, lean out 2 counts; Slap right hand on right thigh on 2 & 4

Bar 86 - 99: Stop slaps, Walk in towards middle and clump together, sing to audience
Bar 94 - 99: Sop1's - step forward in front of group and sing loudly (why why why)
Bar 100 - 101: Walk back to group positions

Bar 102 - 117: Lean in 2 counts, lean out 2 counts, Slap right hand on right thigh on 2 & 4
Bar 117: "Oo Oo Ooh!" - Everyone throw right hand up and lean back

1) Whichever groups sings the melody, does not lean in & out, should step forward, sing to the audience, use gestures
2) Soprano 1 & Alto 1 "Oooh Oooh Oooh" - Throw right hand up and lean back
3) Soprano 1 & Alto 1 "Ain't that a shame" & "Oh shiz for gold digger" - Lean towards Sop 2 group and sing to them

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Beginning in assigned positions

Measure 1 : Right side - Slide right, right hand up, left hand on hip
Measure 2: Left side - Slide left, left hand up, right hand on hip
Measure 3: Right side - Slide left, left hand up, right hand on hip
Measure 4: Left side - Slide right, right hand up, left hand on hip

Measure 5 - 10: Drop arm from over head, but keep hand on hip, bounce hip down on 1 & 3
Measure 11 - 13: Lean forward and back on 1 & 3, shimmy shoulders

Measure 14 - 17 & back to Measure 5 - 11 (second ending) to 18 & 19
Repeat from beginning Verse 2

Measure 20 - 23: Continue lean forward and back on 1 & 3, shimmy shoulders
Measure 24 - 25: "When the Working Day is Done" - Right hand swipe brow to the right (beat 1, 2), left hand swipe brow to the left (beat 3, 4), pull arms down slowly to front (beat 1, 2) and swipe hands downward (beat 3, 4)

Measure 26 - 28: Nod head on 1 & 3 count, look at each other/audience and smile

Measure 29: Right side, right step forward (turn facing in, right hand on hip) on beat 1
Meausre 31: Left side, left step forward (turn facing in, left hand on hip) on beat 1

Measure 33: Repeat Verse choreography (hip bounce on 1 & 3 plus shimmy shoulders)

DS Al Coda: Repeat Bar 20 - 32, repeat choreography

Coda (Measure 42): Move together in a clump, slowly, have fun to audience/each other

Measure 46: Beat 1, both hands down on leg
Beat 2, both hands cover mouth, make kissing noise
Beat 3 (the word "fun"), hands outstretched to audience

You Can't Stop The Beat

Measure 1 - 23
Beat, beat oh baby beat… (intro & solo) Michael Jackson snaps on 2 & 4, moving quickly from standard formation to position

Measure 24
Cause you can't stop the beat (two pointer fingers straight in front on "you")

Measure 25 - 31
Ever since this old world began, a woman found out if she shook it she could shake up a man And so I'm gonna shake and shimmy it the best that I can today (hands up to chest with snap, hands down to sides with snap with slight shoulder shake)

Measure 32
Cause you can't stop the (two pointer fingers straight in front on "you")

Measure 33 - 38
Motion of the ocean or the rain from above, you can try to stop the paradise we're dreaming of But you cannot stop the rhythm of two hearts in love to stay (train fists swaying two counts right, two counts left)

Measure 39
Stop for 4 counts on the word "stay"

Measure 40
Cause you can't stop the (two pointer fingers straight in front on "you")
Measure 41 - 78
Repeat ALL from beginning

Measure 79 - 84
Ah ah ah (roll hands to the left, 4 counts), (roll hands to the right, 4 counts), (roll hands forward and up)

Measure 85 - 86
Come on you can shake it baby shake it oh yeah (improvise shaking)

Measure 87
Cause you can't stop the (two pointer fingers straight in front on "you")

Measure 88 - 102
(repeat chorus moves)

Measure 103
Cause you can't stop the (two pointer fingers straight in front on "you")

Measure 104
S2 & A2 - Right hand, point to the right (drop left arm)
S1 & A1 - Hold forward

Measure 105
S1 & A1 - Right hand, point to the right (drop left arm)
S2 & A2 - Hold to the right

Measure 106
S2 & A2 - Left hand, point to the left (drop right arm)
S1 & A1 - Hold to the right

Measure 107
S1 & A1 - Left hand, point to the left (drop right arm)
S2 & A2 - Hold to the left

Measure 108
THE BEAT - everyone raise both arms up from bottom to top, ending in high "V" position

Xmas 2013

Doctor Jazz/Jazz Holiday

  • Opening formation: clump
  • "Get me Dr. JAZZ" - lean to the right, barbershop style, on "Jazz"
  • "… say he HAS" - lean to the left
  • "… got the BLUES" - lean to the right
  • "… dancing SHOES" - move to standard formation
  • Starting with "Honey Babe", do the hip "lift" move: palms down, at hip level, hands splayed, left hip goes up on 1 and 3
  • Starting with "When the clock strikes…", move both feet simultaneously to the right, heels move then toes move
  • Back, using the same move, on "We will step right …"
  • "When we dance that Zulu Twist", twist down
  • "Not a movement will be missed", twist up
  • Repeat
  • Last line, on the word "Holiday!", do the "resurrection" move: start in a praying stance, palms together, then move arms up and palms open outward at eye level

Silent Night

  • Opening formation: standard formation
  • Hands covering candles, elbows out, left hand holding candle, right hand covering it
  • Measure 5: uncover candle
  • "Stille Nacht": sway on 1 and 4, right first

Jingle Bells (Jing-a-jing)

  • Opening formation: Standard formation
  • Every time you say the word "jing", shake your pom-pom

Christmas Baby Please Come Home

  • Opening formation: Clump
  • "Nanana": snare drum, slightly bouncing up and down vertically
  • Soloist steps out front
  • "Christmas": snare drum, swaying right and left on 1 and 3
  • "Home": upside-down Bond Chop. First time right, second time left, third time low (waist level), fourth time high (shoulder level)
  • "Please": "begging" move, right hand over left, hands at inside shoulders
  • Repeat
  • Final "Home": one upside-down Bond Chop, shoulder level

O Holy Night

  • Can't remember this one - can someone eneter it? Lou here, have added what I recall. Eve might want to edit :-)
  • 3 Sop 1s stand at the front
  • Opening formation: Triangle-shape
  • On "Fall on your knees" those in the front (behind sops) break out, walk out to the side, from the middle, to the left or the right depending which side are on. Need to work it out once we have a sizeable group together. Stay there until the final few bars - return to opening formation. Need to decide exactly what word to move on…start of last 4 bars? Bar 56?


Secret Agent Man

The three moves are as follows:

  • "Wax on" - hands flat, palm down, broad circular motion on a waist-high, level plane (R hand clockwise, L hand counter clockwise). Sway hips while doing so.
  • "AAAAHH!" - hands vertical, at head level, palms out/towards head, shaking wildly
  • "No you don't" - left hand on hip, right hand at chin level, shaking index finger

Intro and verses: "Wax on" in sets of two measures each. i.e. it takes two measures to complete one slow circle.

  • For the words "Secret agent man", do the "AAAHH!" move
  • For the words "They've given you a number" until the end of the refrain, do the "No you don't" move

On the last "Dang!", strike a defiant pose, e.g. pointing a gun, hands on hips, or as if you are saying "Stop!".

First 2 verses: Stand still — focus is on soloist
First chorus and throughout until end: "Flying twist" — On the pick-up ("Let the"), both arms "fly" up and down 33 degrees. On downbeat (SKY of "Skyfall"), twist at waist to R, bringing L shoulder and L arm (in down position) to front. Reverse and repeat, FLY up/down 33 degrees, twist L, with R shoulder and R arm front. Continue throughout.
Ending: continue twist until whole body is facing sideways (R), looking the same way you are facing (R); stand stock-still when soloist does cadenza; on "Bond" (last note) look forward and look sultry.

1. Measures one to 10: Alto’s stomp right foot/lift right nee on each doom (every two beats for alto’s and 2 ½ beats for Sops). Sopranos only start on the dn dn dn dn’s, and one stomp on first beat, and second stom on 2nd and a half beat. (lou and Jennifer will demonstrate)
2. Dah Dah’s, every stops stomping. Alto’s pick up and continue measure 12 with same stomping until measure 17. Everyone except Alto 2’s stop.
3. Measure 20 everyone flash/spread hands, 5 beats on the bah’s, moving upwards each one until even with head. Repeat Alto 2’s stomps for three measures, until second round of Bah Bah’s; then same rising spread hands.
4. For the Bah da ba da ba da’s (4 bars, to bar 28) feet stationary, but swing body to right, then left, use shoulders, no dips.
5. Ba dups; measure 29 throw right hand down to the right, and left hand down to the left, and boths down at the ba dup ba da da!
6. Alto’s go back to right foot stomp for their dooms and Sopranos do their Beat 1 and beat 2 /12 until the Bell Chords.
7. Bell Chords, each part steps forward at their chords. Formation MUST be in spread out IN ORDER of parts; A2, A1, S2, S1, so that when moving up, shape has symmetry.
8. On the LAST “BOND” Chord, we all bow quietly back that one step. Heads bow down…..

9. ALTO 2’S START THE FIRST NOTE and slowly and quietly build the note louder, and soloist moves slowly forward, still with head bent, and raises head on the first solo note.
10. Everybody sway/steps to each side, with little sway, to first and third beat, until measure 9, when all stand still for the ‘oh my baby baby you’re the best”.
11. Continue the swaying until the next “oh Baby baby…” and then go back to the original leg lift/stomp with right leg.

12. SIDE STEP starting right, until measure five, and everyone lifts right index finger and points, “…you know you di id…” with pointing action on ‘DI – ID”.
13. At measure 7, stop moving, and everyone lifts both hand to the heavens, at bust level first on “…Give in…” and raise them head level at “…Cry..” and everyone looks to the heavens. Hands down on the first “Na…” (nan a na!!)
14. From “Live and Die”, measure 9, on first and third beats, Sop 1 and 2, and Alto 1’s, all lift right heel and spread hands down. (3 measures of Live and Die), while Alto 2’s do ONE hand gesture and one heel rise on “Die!”, every first beat of the measure.
15. On the na na na na’s, alto’s all raise right heel on first and third beat of every measure, until measure 16. On measure 17, only Alto 2’s continue with that right up until the end of song, measure 22. Others use right hand to do an ‘almost finger snap’ out in front; put hand out on every beat (1, 2, 13, 14) but do NOT snap, only make the gesture of the hand. Also tap feet on every beat, so that hand gesture and (right) toe tapping is in synch. Carry on also during the words also, same beat.
16. At “give the other fella Hell”, right hand goes out to the right on “Give”, and left hand goes out to the left on “Fella’. Third one is both hands on the second “Fella”….., Fella Hell”.
17. At the End of the Song, go back to Alto’s lift leg/stomp on every other beat for their “ Dooms’, and Sops go back to moving on first and 2 ½ beats. ONE SET only, and then repeat the Ba Dup’s as before (right side, left side, and both hands out, and then move into Doom’s, and Only Alto’s again moving right legs with the Dooms.

18. ALTO 2’s do the right hand movement of ‘almost snaps’ with the wrists, with right heel lift. Others tap their right leg with right hand, gently, to the first and third beats until end of measure 12.
19. At “…Strikes” everybody points their hands together as if shooting a gun; “ he STRIKES, bup-bup-bup-bup-bup, like…”
20. On “THUNDER” hand go down to the sides on that beat. “…like THUN DER BALL, and start lifting knee/tapping foot again on “BALL”.

21. Coming in to “…gold finger…” , Alto’s go back to lifting right leg, and Sops snap their fingers with right hand on 2nd and 4th beats.
22. At “..Midas Touch…” sweeping right hand up to the Right (rainbow?) and then at “Spider’s Touch”, same thing with left hand off to the Left. Then “Ba Dup”, with both hands mid waist vertical pointing out in front.
23. Such a cold finger (everyone holds their hands to their upper arms as if they’re cold. At “finger everyone points their right index finger UP on their left shoulder”. At “Beckons YOU,” every points their fingers out and ‘becons..’ and at ‘you’ points outward. At “…web of sin…” everyone does the shunning movement with right hand further out than left hand, and, “But don’t Go In”, every one points their right index finger out at “Don’t…”
24. At “Pour in Your Ear”, Alto’s do nothing, but other parts ‘cup’ their right hand at their right ear. At “Fear” other parts raise both hands to head level and fan them out.
25. At ‘beware of his heart of Gold, this heart (put both hands on your heart) is Cold (throw both hands down to your sides.
26. Rest of song is plain, no more moves.
27. AT THE VERY END, the Ba Dup’s have the same movement with the right hand fanning down, and then the left hand fanning down, and then BOTH hands fanning down; Ba Dup, (RIGHT HAND) Ba Dup (LET HAND) , Ba Dup ba Da Dup.(BOTH HANDS) BOND!!!!!! (both hands stay out for this chord.

Diamonds are Forever - suggest you quickly mark up bar #s in pencil (Lou) # = bar number

Mood: Feel the HYPNOTIC beat! Sexy/belly-dancerish!

3 Basic Moves for All + 1 more for Alto 2s (as per Bond medley)

Move A. Side sway into double step to Right for 1 beat, to Left for 1 beat & so on. So WITHIN ONE BAR, you would have a double-step-sway to the Right + a double-step to the left. Use shoulders slightly.
Move B. Stop/Still!
Move C. Quick hip/bum side to side R/L/R/L/R however many quick beats-Shirley Bassey style!
Move D - Alto 2 Move. Right heel raise (not lift). On 1st & 3rd beat of bar. Look "cool"! (As per the Bond Medley move,Jennifer/Lou showed.)

#1 The Opening: All still except Alto 2s start. Move A
Into #2 Alto 1s and then Sops 1 join Move A. Sops 1 join Bar 3.
#5 All stop on Sop 2s "da"
#5-8. Move B - Still! For the "da dn da dn da dn da"s
#9-17. All Move A.
#18. All Move C.
#19-36. All Move A.
#37-38. All Move C.
#39-40. All Move B- Still! For the "da dn da dn da dn da"s
#41-58. All Move A.
#59-60. All Move C. For the "da da da da ga da"s
#60 All Move B. EXCEPT Alto 2s Move D.
#60-67 Alto 2s only MOVE D
#61 Sop 1s only start Move A. Then Sop 2s in #64-65, then A1s come in on their bit in #65. Then continue Move A up until end of #69.
#68-70 Alto 2s join Move A.
#70-71 All Move C - a short one just R/L/R - with final pizzazz - give it loads!

1. When you have them, feel the TRIPLETS. Exaggerate your move slightly if you can!
2. Those with melody - feel key words/bring them alive! Can invent your own gestures on key lines! I didn't choreo - felt best to leave to you, as mature grown women!

MELODY: Notes to highlight which parts have melody + key lines for you to think about
#9-14 Alto 1s only "all I need to please me, they can stimulate and tease me"
#15-17 Alto 1s + Alto 2s "leave in the night I've no fear that they might desert me"
#19-27 Sop 1s + Alto 1s "hold one up and then caress it, touch it, stroke it and undress it, I can see evry part nothing hides in the heart to hurt.."
#28-33 Sop 1s only "I don't need love, for what good will love do me, Diamonds never lie to me"
#34-36 Sop 1s + Sop 2s "For when love's gone" Sop 1s only "they'll lustre on"
#41-49 Sop 2s only "…sparkling round my little finger unlike men the diamonds linger, men are mere mortals who are not worth going to your grave for"
#50-51 All sing "I don't need'
#52-55 Sop 2s only "for what good will love do me? Diamonds never lie to me"
#56-57 Sop 1s + Sop 2s. "For when love's gone" #58-59 Sop 2s only "they'll lustre on"

How will I know

Walking in to this song from the outside (at lusitano)

Charlotte enters walking towards the stage and sings the solo bit as she walks in. She walks to the standard formation place, followed by the A1 and then A2 in a line behind her as they join with the OO-oos, S2 and other S1’s follow as they start to sing. By the chorus (how will I know if he really loves me) we should all be on stage and in standard formation. Continue to sing the chorus in standard formation.

Oo-ooh wake me: start snapping on 2 and 4 but not in the box crocodillos snapping, a cool up and down vertical snap, start with elbow bent and hand half way to shoulder, and on the snap extend arm down to hip level. No other moves just snapping.

Glee arms:TBC


Claim your favorite piece(s) to choreograph for Xmas 2012 season! Just put your name by the song:

- Bethlehem Spiritual - snaps as in the score
- Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - see below (GH)
- Whisper Whisper - no moves
- Home on that Rock - snaps, claps and stomps as in the score
- Up on the Housetop - see below (Lou)
- Jingle Bell Rock - no moves
- We Wish You a Merry Christmas - no moves
- Fum Fum Fum - no moves
- Carol of the Bells - see below (Carol)
- Santa Claus is Coming to Town - soloist steps out during short solos
- Winter Wonderland - soloist steps out during short solo
- Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer - no moves
- As Lately We Watched - soloist steps out during solo
- Steal Away - no moves
- In the Bleak Midwinter - soloist steps out during solo
- Away in a Manger - soloist steps out during solo
- God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - soloist steps out during solo

THE MOVES for this season

Carol of the Bells

Start in standard formation facing backwards (backs to the fans). Generally, throughout the song, you sway to the rhythm of the song - however you like.
First altos 2 turn around to front as they start singing first (Turn on first deh deh)
Then others turn to face front as their part starts singing.
Whole song is gentle swaying to the rhythm.
Stop swaying on the final ding dong ding dongs.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Intro - whoever has the word "plum" does a plie at that moment
Falala - whoever still sings "plum" does a plie at that moment; others stand still.
La ah ah ah ah ah middle section - sop 1s do a "slow ta-da" hand move when they are singing the triplets. Those who sing "plum" do a plie.
For the remainder, just repeats the same moves.
At the final "plum" everyone does a "fast ta-da" hand move

*Ta da move: it's the same move you would do when you are throwing your hands up in despair ("Oy vey, that I should be cursed with such an ungrateful son!"), only, because you're smiling and not rolling your eyes, it doesn't look anything like despair at all, and instead rather more like "Ta da! I did it!".

Up on the housetop

Intro: We start the song with everyone's heads turned, looking to the right. Then, as each voice says, "Up on the housetop … up on the housetop … up on the housetop!" they turn their head to the front and smile.

Stay still until the doo-doo-doo. The Alto 2s step out to do their verse.

Down through the chimney: Sopranos take a step back when they sing it; Altos take a step back when they sing it.

Then, when we do the final round of "up on the housetop" like at the beginning, we step forward once again according to our part.

Final words, "Please, Santa!": everyone does a cheeky, Santa-baby type of pose, like "Oh, I'll be a VERY good girl :)"


Man in the Mirror

Formation: V-shape, 3 Soloists in the middle of line - they step out just before their lines
Mood: Introspective, self-reflecting. Sincere & kind - one of optimism!
Dance Moves: A couple of basic moves throughout & a few "poses"
Soloists can improvise some moves on Verse 1 & 2…

Take a look at Glee's version of this song - aspiring for a similar effect! Note: a different version of song…& we have different moves…

"The Penguin Move" - sway Right to Left, heels can move right/left. Hands at side, palms facing down, 90 degree angle. Needs to be shown!

Verse/Chorus Move
Intro & Verse 1 Move 1: Still (!)
Chorus 1 Move 2: Sideways step - Right/Left. Arms swing up - move to Right & snap with Right Hand etc. Move on 2nd & 4th beat of bar.
Part of Chorus - "If you wanna…" Move 3: The Penguin Move - up until "make the change" 2-3-4- Then to Move 2 to the end of the "nananas".
Verse 2 Sway gently Right/Left. Under-stated. Start on 1st line "I've been a victim of…"
Chorus 2 Move 2: Sideways step - Right/Left. Arms swing up - move to Right & snap with Right Hand etc. Move on 2nd & 4th beat of bar.
Part of Chorus "If you wanna…" Move 3: The Penguin Move - up until "make the change" 2-3-4..
Chorus 3 (repeated after Chorus 2) Move 4: Same step as Move 2. This time Clap.
Part of Chorus "If you wanna…" Move 3: The Penguin Move - up until "make the" into key change
Key Change Move 5: Hands stretched up to the heavens. Palms facing the skies, not out to audience. Look up.
Chorus 4 - Non-Soloists Move 4 Same step as Move 2. This time Clap.
Part of Chorus - the longer bit Move 3: The Penguin Move "you gotta get it right while you've got the time"…Up until …."close your mind" then back to Move 3
Chorus 5 - Final one Move 4 Same step as Move 2. This time Clap.
Part of Chorus - "If you wanna…" Move 3: The Penguin Move - up until "make that"….Then into Move 3….
Final nananas Move 4: Same step as Move 2. This time Clap. STOP just before the Soloists "Change" then into "Make that change"
Finale Move 6: On the final "Change" arms outstretched at side. Hold 'til the end of the final bar. Then down.

Walking on Sunshine

Formation: 2 rows, staggered, Soloist chooses where located
Mood: this song must exude energy + happiness! NRG!
Dance Moves: 5 basic ones. Soloist can improvise some moves…

Bar Move
Bar 1-17 Verse 1 Move 1: Move on 1st beat of bar. Small side-steps to right then left, use shoulders nicely, arms cutely/fun.
Bar 18- 24 Chorus 1 Move 2: Change/move when Soloist sings "Walkin'". Walking/marching on the spot - in cute way, use arms to stride - HUGE smile. Do NOT use arms when Soloist sings "Woh" - this is saved for Move 3, in Chorus 2
Bar 25 - 28, back to Bar 2 Verse 2- to Bar 17 Move 1: Move on 1st beat of bar. Small side-steps to right then left, use shoulders nicely, arms elegantly/fun.
Bar 18 to 24 Chorus 2 Move 3: **Change/move when Soloist sings "Walkin'".Walking/marching on the spot - in cute way, use arms to stride - HUGE smile. **USE arms. When Soloist sings "Woh" Bars 19, 21, 23 - the sunshine move. 3 times, build it from small to bigger
During Bar 24 Move 4: When Sops + Alto 1s sing "shi yi yi yi" - wave arms in a cute way - WATCH Janet & Fiona - they do it well!
Bar 32-33 - Finale Move 5: After Soloist's 4th & final "Hey!" - Walk forwards in cute small steps - huddle closer together as 1 big happy family, still staggered so each of us can be seen! On final word "good!" - strike a final pose - the big thumbs up - right thumb, sideways stance, cute-cheeky-cheeeeeezy smile, maybe a wink?!

Rolling in the deep
Formation: One row (following opening), soloists front and centre.
Mood: Quite quiet and subdued but with some vigour and vim in the chorus
Dance Moves: Fancy snaps and some claps
ALL - Start in a circle around the soloist - tight circle, shoulders touching (not your own, that's impossible!). Slightly bent knees and leaning into the middle. Bounce your knees on the beat in the first bar.
Soloist II - burst from circle and head to front. No more moves choreograhed for soloist II. Go for your life.
Soloist I - leave the group and join soloist II when you're duetting at the chorus. Don't return to the group for the third mini verse

VERSE 1: when the circle is broken, walk slowly backwards into a semi circle. Stay still. At "the scars of your love" start some general movement.

CHORUS 1: the action you're going for is a slow march where only your heels leave the ground - your toes stay put. You switch your weight on beats 1 and 3. The clicks you do while you're doing this go straight up in front of you (bent elbow) and snap at the shoulder - opposite side to the knee you have bent. Start with right hand and left foot. Stop snapping at your final 'rolling in the deep' or (A2) 'rolling' of the verse.

VERSE 2: NO SNAPS. At 'the scars of your love', general movement again.

CHORUS 2: as before.

Mini VERSE: CLAPS on every beat for 'throw your soul'.

CHORUS: stop clapping - movement as before.

ENDING: At the very end, we stop singing and the soloists carry on. When you stop singing, very slowly turn (3 steps on 'played' each time) so you're facing away from the audience and hang your head on 'beat' - the final word the soloists sing.

I can't make you love me

Everyone stand stock still in a semicircle except for the soloist.
Soloist sing meditatively into the distance. During choruses, soloist turn a bit more towards the group.

Old songs from previous seasons

Dancing Queen
(I put SIDE or FRONT above the relevant text)

Ah, ah ah, ah ah ah ah ah ah…
You can dance
1. Friday night and the lights are low
Anybody can be that guy
With a bit of rock music
Get the chance
Dancing queen
You can dance
See that girl
2. You’re a teaser
Get the chance
Dancing queen

In the Still of the Nite
Part 1
Face front with 45 degree angle
Foot down on first beat - step forward one step
Step back one step on the 3rd beat
Snap on 2nd + 4th beats
Arm out at 90 degrees for the 2nd beat snap
Arm up / hand to shoulder for the 4th beat snap

Part 2 (starts from "I'll remember")
4 beats: Hand up at the level of your head, screwing in a light bulb; 2 steps forward
next 4 beats: hand at thigh, same motion; 2 steps back

Part 3 ("to keep your precious love")
first beat: step forward one step
second beat: Both hands snap near right shoulder
third beat: step back one step
fourth beat: both hands snap near left hip

Part 4 ("well before the light")
same as part 1

hold both hands down and out at waist level on the long "night"
stay there until "still of the" - emphasize 3 times
Hold both hands out on the long "night"

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